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I enrolled in one of “The Bradford’s” & Kerry’s class last year to learn and understand myself better, and to build a stronger marriage with my wife. With all the complications that life throws at you, it’s nice to be able to have a professional like Brad to work shit out with. To be honest the class isn’t easy but well worth the time and investment. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, build stronger relationship with spouse, family & friends. This class will help you find out what triggers you. You will be amazed on the results once you figure out who you. Thank You Brad & Kerry for doing what you do!

John Wagner

When I signed up for Simply Kerry’s 101 class, I had no idea what I was signing up for. I knew Kerry when we worked together at WFRV-TV about 12 years ago. I just happened to stumble upon her website on Facebook, and my life changed. Her class is not a quick fix. But she gives you all the tools to change your life, and she literally saved mine. Her husband, Brad, also participated in our discussions, and he was such a funny, positive contributor to the class.

Those two are such a wonderful, healing couple. Kerry and Brad really make you see what you can make of your life, and they provide constant love and support to help you get there. The entire community of students are also there to be supported, and provide love and support for me to this day. If you want to change the way you look at life, and find the best part of you, please take the leap, and sign up for Kerry or Brad’s 101 class. I am closer to what I’m supposed to be because of these two wonderful, beautiful people.

Joel Nelson

Being a man in today’s world you are often times required to wear many hats. It is not uncommon for you to be expected to be a successful professional, an involved father, an attentive husband and an available friend. Most men spend much of their time and energy trying to do all of the above to perfection. What often gets lost in the shuffle is you.

Before you know it you are stuck asking questions like: What makes me happy? What am I doing with my life? Why am I so exhausted all the time? Why are my personal relationships not how they use to be? Who am I?

Working specifically with Brad in the Simply Kerry Couples Transformation 101 class was nothing short of eye opening. Being a health care professional I rely on evidence based material. Brad has a very unique gift of providing that “medical definition” I was looking for but then he would take it a step further and intertwine that information with a slight spiritual and even a holistic component. Brad is able to speak to you on a very straight forward and every day level thus making complicated definitions easy to understand and incorporate into your specific situation.

Brad is also able to bring in his own personal experiences and share them with you, which really put me at ease and made me realize that I am not the only person who has or is going through these types of problems. I truly felt like I was not alone -I felt like someone really cared about me and wanted to help. Having others in the class share their troubles and their stories thus further solidified that I am not alone and that we all struggle at times.

My final thoughts about Brad are that he is very passionate about what he does –it really shows in the care he provides. Brad is able to take his professional therapeutic background and expand on the healing process-incorporating both body and mind. To be able to provide this level of care is truly a gift. It is one of the most complete programs I have come into contact with and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for help finding that missing link.

Casey Hoida

Having the opportunity to work with Brad Bordini has paid tremendous dividends in my marriage and family life. Brad’s vast knowledge, personal experiences, and professionalism make introspection and life change possible. I would recommend this class to anyone willing to be honest with themselves and that wants the best for their marriage, family, but most of all, themselves

Steve Scripp

I highly recommend taking the 101 class with Brad. My wife and I took the couple’s class together and Brad was a tremendous help in that class as well. He was very easy to talk to at a personal level and his experiences and insight were very helpful. He helped my wife and I learn more about who we are individually and as a couple and he will help you as well. He rocks!

Chad Buntin

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