Hi. I'm Brad, also known as The Bradford

Welcome to my world.

So what am I all about?

Passion, love and desire for understanding.

The Importance of Music

Playing music has been a form of therapy for me since I can remember. It is truly a spiritual experience for me nearly every time I take the stage.

My Professional Role

As a licensed psychotherapist, I draw upon the Western medical model while trying to incorporate Eastern holistic methods that have been around for centuries.

A Family Man

My wife nearly led me to breakdown, then made me the happiest man alive. My wife and kids are the single most important part of my life.

Dive into the Bradford’s mind

You’ll never know what you may find 😉

Parental Anxiety: Balancing Emotional Contrast

Parental Anxiety: Balancing Emotional Contrast

Have you ever wished and prayed for something and when it happened you just knew it was because of your efforts? Have you also had horrible things happen and perceived you must have done something wrong to deserve this? I had one of these “magical” moments this past...

Write Your Healthy Life Grocery List

I used to hate grocery shopping. It was annoying and time consuming. But I can honestly say that I have changed my tune. The first step was accepting that it has to be done. I could be upset with Kerry (who does not particularly like doing it either) and fixate on...

To Err Is Human, to Forgive Is Divine

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how we love. Maybe this is a ripple from Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s from personal times of disconnection from Kerry or others. How do we show love? We can say it. We can buy gifts. Steal a smooch. We can clean the house and do...

Loving Your past Self: Remember the Good

I’ve heard and even said, “Blast from the past,” in my life but the other night was exactly that I received a message from a Samuel Schneider, a man I have never had any contact with until then. It read: Sorry to be weird, but I go to UW-Eau Claire and I found a...