I used to hate grocery shopping. It was annoying and time consuming.

But I can honestly say that I have changed my tune. The first step was accepting that it has to be done. I could be upset with Kerry (who does not particularly like doing it either) and fixate on wanting her to take care of it. This can lead to conflict, which I never want in my life. I suppose I could pay a lot and go out for dinner or have food delivered. But this is not very practical as it would cost a lot of money to do that. I would rather use my money for something fun.

Another factor that has changed this experience is learning. I am continuously learning about which foods are healthy. I am expanding my list of recipes. I have discovered that the foods I used to love were exceptionally unhealthy and the foods I avoided were the ones I needed all along. Go figure – pop-tarts are not good – EVEN THE FRUIT ONES! (P.S. That is not fruit. Just so you know.) Bottom line is that I saw the process of grocery shopping as a problem and then focused on a solution that is healthy and leads to a happy family.

12834948_10153425141045924_337729363_nOur approach to healthy living can be very much like grocery shopping. We have to be educated in what is or is not healthy for us. This is not just about our food selection. It is about our lifestyle. If we develop a routine to how we “shop” or live, we do not waste time in confusion or indecision. We can manage our money better if we know how to live healthy. Exercise, healthy eating, relaxation, play, education, sleep – balance with these and many other items on your life’s grocery list lead to health and happiness. We fight less or not at all with others. We are patient. We are productive. We pay less or nothing in medical bills. We have more energy. We smile more. We laugh. We make memories. We become solution focused. We are optimistic. We love ourselves. We live.

We as individuals are responsible for our “grocery shopping” or life choices. There are so many unhealthy choices regardless of where we shop. It is crucial to be mindful in all that we do. Choose health instead of a Snickers. No, they do not satisfy. They make your pancreas work overtime to pump out insulin and eventually make you sluggish and irritable.

It may be difficult at first to adjust but the change becomes routine. What once was uncomfortable or overwhelming becomes easier and ideally second nature. We are malleable creatures who can learn how to find a “grocery list” for healthy living if we take the time to learn. This may mean changing patterns. You are more likely to be active if your parents ran marathons than if they watched favorite TV shows all the time. Choose running instead of watching television. Meditate instead of napping – careful because sometimes meditating will turn into a snooze if you haven’t slept enough.

We need to be mindful of how we love our minds, bodies, and spirits.


Sometimes making life changes can be overwhelming. This will pass as you move forward with practice. The first step in making change is taking time to evaluate the self. This involves a brutally honest look in the mirror in order to see what really needs to change. Once you have done this, you can start your grocery list to health.


Create your healthy recipe and then go shopping!!! Take a moment to ask yourself where you may or may not need change. Then ask yourself if you need education or guidance regarding each category as this may be essential to your healing. Set a plan of how you will move forward with implementing the plan. Make these changes for you and no one else. (Others can benefit as you are amazing around them!) Remember, you can enjoy the process if you choose to!